Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dream Mentor Planning Process

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The Dream Mentor Process is a method by which a continual cycle of enlightenment, enablement, empowerment and encouragement takes place at every meeting between the student and his/her Dream Mentor.

The Dream Mentor Process is not a program designed for the Dream Mentor to identify for the student which college, college major or what career a student should choose through a series of standardized tests (This can be done through the High School Counselor in the guidance department).

Instead, this program that is designed to create a roadmap:

“To help each student find their unique qualities and to identify

their hopes and dreams”

I believe every person (student) is a unique individual that has special gifts that go undetected because we never take the time to sit down and discuss them and to show how wonderful it is that God made every one of us different.

Far too many young people have low self esteem. It is my hope to change this for as many students as I can based on my experiences and those of others (Church, Teachers, Administrators, Parents and the Community).

When you look at the number of the people in the world today and the number of people who have populated the earth it is mind staggering to think about how we are all born different.

The result of this program is to aide the student to:
• Fostering academic (thinking) development

• Preparing students to be informed, caring, and productive citizens of society

• Preparing students for higher education

• Preparing students for the world of work

I hope you all will join me in encouraging our students to work towards their dreams. The key word is “work”. Dreams can become realities through discipline, planning and hard work. These Dreams are done when we are awake!

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