Thursday, November 18, 2010

Leadership - "Be Humble, Be Confident"

One should remain humble until those they are dealing with cross the line of rudeness, ignorance and lack of knowledge in the subject matter they claim to have mastered.

Humility provides an aura of self-confidence and respect that gives others the opportunity to express themselves without fear or "humiliation" from those who claim to have all the answers and make decisions based on hierarchy because they can.

One cannot and should not consider himself/herself a servant-leader without this leadership characteristic. If one sees humility as something less than adequate or a weakness, it is the same person who bullies and drives fear into their social environment because of title and position. How sad.

Being a humble leader allows others to take control of their lives. Leaders who cannot be humble are those that wish to control everything and everybody within their reach.

Being confident does not mean you are "entitled". I dislike that word. I'm entitled to nothing except what I have accomplished and recognized for in the eyes of others. That I humbly accept.

I just received a nice award last week at a state conference. I humbly accepted the award and I'm confident that why I received the award I will continue to do and to do it better each day.

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