Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Longer School Year

Governor Granholm of Michigan backs longer school year

You can really tell when a politician is a lame duck. Pronouncing this type of change will not get you elected or reelected because of the Teachers Union. However, that is not why I'm posting.

I get tired of this subject as I do with most suggested educational changes. When are we going to address Efficiency and Effectiveness in schools? How much Non-Value Added time is wasted each day in our classrooms? Studies have shown that dozens of school days are lost each year when you add up the minutes of class disruption that a teacher has each day in their classrooms from unruly and poor behavior of students.

I know a Dean of Students that says and backs it up when he stated "Teachers will teach the optimum amount of time available and those students who want to Feature themselves will be sent to him and if they still can't change their ways then he will send them home so they can disrupt their parents".

Forget those groups/businesses who want to come in and teach teachers how to teach kids proper school behavior and etiquette. They say once that happens then all kids will learn. Will they? Perhaps we need to extend that training to the parents who can be just as rude as their children.

And, what about rude and lazy teachers? Easy - Get rid of them. It really is easy if you got the documentation and guts to do your job as an administrator. What if the administration does not do their jobs? Easy - Get rid of them.

Oh Yeah - it was over 95 degrees for the past two weeks while I have been in school. We have no air conditioning.

Governor Granholm - Who will pay for air conditioning units if the students are in school in the summer?

If your idea is to cut Holiday vacations shorter to get more days of learning I'm OK with that idea.

I just wish I knew by what method will this be done and who is responsible (Superintendent Flannagan?) for the outcome and by what means will we know if this will be successful.

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