Monday, March 23, 2009

Will God use the Bell Shaped Curve?

I was walking my dogs yesterday and walked past a small community church that asked a question on their sign. Does God grade on a curve?

What if God grades on a curve? Would we still refer to it as the ‘Normal Curve” or perhaps the “Bell Curve.?”
Referring to the picture above (Click to Enlarge) do 70% go to Purgatory, 20% to Heaven and 10% roasting marshmallows with Beelzebub? No wonder they got rid of Limbo, there was no where to put it on the curve.

Is not the real question will God compare (grade) us to others or grade us according to what we did or did not do as an individual? Why should God be any different than anyone else in society where we are always compared to others to see if we measure up or down if you are using a curve? If I use my talents to the best of my ability and only score a "C" on a test should I not get an "A" in class? Should I be penalized for not being given the reasoning ability of another person? This thinking is like saying only those who can run under 11 seconds flat in a 100 meter race get an "A." That is absurd based on the wide range of body types. Is the brain any more different?

In my line of work I always get excuses and reasons from students, teachers, parents and administrators (including myself) to justify why an individual did something wrong.

So maybe that is why when it comes to Religion or God’s Law that I stick to the Ten Commandments. Each one starts out with THOU, not US or YOU or WE…

I will need to own up to what I did wrong and not how it compares to the rest of you.

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