Monday, March 09, 2009

Company Principles for 2010 and Beyond

The way the economy is going and the fall of some of the leading companies in the world what will help get us back on track? I believe a good start would be with the "Principles" or the foundation blocks that have been destroyed with short-term goals and thinking.

What follows are some basic Principles that each senior leader should revisit and implement:

A company principle is a fundamental belief that is focused on the continual performance improvement of our services and products through addressing the needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders. The principles are as follows:

Customer-Focused – we must consider our customers’ current and future needs, fulfill customer requirements, and strive to exceed their expectations while keeping corporate strategies in our sights.

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Management Owns Our System and will establish constancy of purpose and direction for the group. They also create an environment in which all employees can be involved in obtaining company objectives.

Employees as People – our team approach is the essence of who we are and what we stand for. We need to listen and support each team member and to encourage each person to express their innovations and creativity.

Process Approach – by using a process approach to managing resources our activities will produce the desired results. When activities our work activities are linked together there is a structure for effectively managing and improving.

Systemic Thinking – company efficiency and effectiveness will be improved by identifying, understanding, and managing a system of interdependent processes that results in improving the whole not just the parts of any situation.

Continual Improvement – our company must have continual improvement as a permanent objective. Our premise will be to follow our Quality for Process Improvement. We must never settle for the status quo. Challenge Conventional Thinking!

Management by Fact – each of us needs to manage our work by collecting and analyzing objective data and information in order to make effective decisions that are certified by sound financial bottom line results. Avoid Short-Term Goals and People with short memories who are looking for the quick ride to the top at your expense.

Supplier Relationships – by working and partnering with our suppliers and contractors we will develop mutually beneficial, interdependent relations that will create a win-win situation for all involved. Perhaps looking a a single suppliership is required.

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