Sunday, June 13, 2010

It’s the end of another school year and as I was thinking back the following questions came to mind.

1) It has become evident to me as I have been in a number of different high school and middle school settings that high school administrators and teachers feel superior or above those in middle and elementary school.

I wonder why this exists. Is it me or do you see a similar scenario in your school system?

Most teachers select where they want to teach based on the grade level and many often says there is no way I could teach middle school students or deal with the young kids.

I guess because I taught college that automatically makes me above the high school teacher. Sorry, can’t go there it would not be true, nor could I humbly even consider such arrogance. My rule of thumb is Pride of Workmanship. I see a devoted and productive teacher and I see seekers and conduits for sharing knowledge. That’s ACES baby!

2) Why do so many teachers still teach Cursive Writing? I have done a small sample simply asking why do you think we use Cursive Writing? The top answer was speed, followed closely by authorization.

How long will it take for people to understand that speed does not equal quality? Perhaps that is why all our textbooks, tests, newspapers, magazines, food and medicine labels, reading books, project reports, etc…

How about the computer, most people type in a printed font.

Authorization signature is outdated, if not why do many documents say sign and print your name. ? Is it because no one can read your writing and those people who do personality tests from writing will be out of a job? The time has come people to stop teaching this ancient script and use our time more productively in other courses that really matter.

Who cares if K – 4 students can’t stay in the lines or if the loops are not correct. Come on use our teaching time for value added activities.

3) If I hear an administrator tell someone they have tons and tons of paperwork I want to puke. Give me a break. The worst part is you believe it and do not want to automate or remove non-value added activities out of your job because you are comfortable.

All jobs/processes must remove non-value added activities and replace them with customer (internal/external) focused or facing activities. In education that means spending more face time with students and parents.

“Don’t mistake someone working hard with providing value added productivity” - qg

4) The classroom is NOT a sanctuary. Get out in the halls and see what is going on. Force administrators to do their job. Hiding behind kids asking questions after class means you are not doing your job during class time.

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