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Why Do Teachers Do What They Do "How many times did you meet with your high school counselor?.. See # 89

I have been a Student and a Teacher/Instructor (sometimes both at the same time). During this time I have taught/trained thousands of students (K-16) and employees (Workers to Executives). I have been fortunate to be able to learn so much from so many talented people. Over the years I have been baffled, amazed, confused or just wondering ...

"Why Do Teachers/Administrators Do What They Do...?"

I am going to start with the first dozen (12) that jump out of my memory from when I went to school both High School and College. If you would like to add some questions send me an Email at or a comment. Please note many of the statements/questions are not about one teacher or administrator (unless stated), rather they relate to a number of circumstances I have witnessed over the last 31 years.

NEWEST UPDATE - (7/7/11) # 89

April 2006

1) Does anybody ever wonder why teachers (been happening since I was a kid) require students to write "some lame" sentence out one hundred times for a punishment? I ask if this is why many students don't like to write or be creative? 2) Why do so many students not like Math? Could it be like question number one and that too many teachers give out extra math problems as a punishment? I did many of these in the corner. 3) Is there a correlation between obesity and the fact that many students don't get to go to gym because they did not finish a reading assignment, math problems or god forbid a Ditto Worksheet? MY High School Gym teacher went nuts when this happened. Sometimes we did it on purpose to see if he would go after the math teacher who was our football coach!
4) Why do Art Teachers get so upset when two or three students are constantly missing from class because their homeroom teacher is punishing them for not completing their work in "real" classes? Same as number 3, I hated Art, I would stall on my work so I did not have to go. 5) Substitute Art Teachers in question #4 for Music, Band, Drama, Shop Teachers, etc...

6) Why do some instructors change the Grading Scale in mid semester or quarter just because so many students are getting As? How come they don't change the Grading Scale when so many are failing? 7) Why is there a Grading Scale? What purpose does the Grading Scale serve? 8) Why do so many children get a negative label so early in school and never lose that tag as they progress through the grades? 9) Is there a "good" reason why some teachers do not hold students back when they should be for the benefit of the student, or is it for the benefit of the teacher? 10) How come so many teachers use their classroom as their own castle with a moat surrounding it from other teachers ideas, partnerships and most importantly communicating with the teachers from the grades below and above their own? 11) Why do so many school districts spend tons of money on computer equipment (including upgrades) and technology and then lay-off the computer teacher? How come the parents don't know? 12) Why do so many teachers claim to be proficient with computers when they can't even send an Email? 10/16/06 13) Why do so many teachers have to buy their own supplies when the Administration Office and School Board Office employees do not? 14) Did you ever compare to see what teachers come in early and leave late as to those who come when the bell rings and leaves with the students when the bell rings? Ask which one your child likes best? Ask your child which teacher likes them best? Ask your principal which teachers should be fired? 15) Why do so many teachers have to deal with students who are not prepared, not fed, not dressed properly and do not have manners and morals? 16) Why do so many teachers believe they are smarter than their peers and communicate this to students and parents

17) Why do so many teachers hold back in scolding the parent(s)?


18) Why don't Special Education Teachers and Special Ed Administration Experts seek the advice of the aide that spends 7 hours a day with a child (Mainstream & No-Mainstream)?

19) Why do some teachers concentrate on a few students (pieces) at the expense of all the students (whole)?

20) Why do some Teachers use Dittos that have dates from the 1990s? I saw them at my nephews house in Detroit.


21) Why won't college instructors admit that when more than 60% of the class get the question wrong on a test that they are to blame?

22) Why would an ex-instructor now college administrator ask a student if he was "Learning Disabled" because he sought help in English for an entrance test into the teachers college?

23) Why do so many teachers stay motivated and committed year after year when the deck is stacked against them? Please share your secrets.


Following are some comical yet sad teacher scenarios (between years) that were sent to me by my sister-in-law (LC).

24) Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fistfight after school. 1973 ? Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail, nobody arrested, nobody expelled. 2006 ? Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it. Both students forced to attend mandatory counseling for "bullying" and "conflict resolution.

25) Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students. 1973 ? Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal. Sits still in class. 2006 ? Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. School gets extra money from state because Jeffrey has a disability.

26) Scenario:Bonnie turns up pregnant. 1973 ? 5 High School Boys leave town. Bonnie does her senior year at a special school for expectant mothers. 2006 ? Middle School Counselor calls Planned Parenthood, who notifies the ACLU. Bonnie is driven to the next state over and gets an abortion without her parent's consent or knowledge. Bonnie given condoms and told to be more careful next time. 27) Scenario: Johnny falls while running during recess and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Mary. Mary, hugs him to comfort him and cleans and bandages his scrape. 1973 - In a short time Johnny feels better and goes on playing. 2006 - Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job. She faces 3 years in State Prison. School reassesses studies the "problem" and decides children might get hurt during recess. School cancels all recess in the future because children may take part in "harmful activities" during recess

12/01/06 28) Why would a University Administrator tell a student that half of the students wanting to get into a program transfer to another college and actually encourage a student to do so when the student was seeking help for a entrance test that is self-enticed and used for financial gains and not fairness? Why is it this University is the only one in the state that requires this exam? Where is the data that supports their claim the test provides students extra clout because employers seek their graduates as opposed to other Universities?

29) Why would a University Administrator at the highest rank ask a student if he has a speech impediment because the student is trying not to explode based on the questions in # 28 above?

30) Why don't most Universities monitor or measure their employees in customer service (Admin Departments)? How can this same organization with so many educated and smart people can't realize their processes are out of control? Example - A student attends a college for two years only to find out when trying register on-line she is blocked because their registration system and the University Registrars do not recognize this student as being enrolled? Why is the student made to feel guilty and irresponsible over their own neglect and incompetence?

31) Why do instructors and teachers that are aware of the problems in questions 28-30 sit back and do nothing when they know first hand these problems are the norm and not the exception?

32) Why do institutions of higher learning and many organizations sit back and blame the government or competition (foreign & domestic) for their problems when poor processes have allowed to exist for years and years because of the gutless managers that won't address customer related service problems?


33) Why don't Dean's listen to the students? I received my second on-line request this week to go to the college web site and rate my instructor. "Your running out of time." I finally responded back to the Dean telling him "SORRY" I don't respond to numerical ratings and if I had a problem with the instructor I would let him/her know. I also requested if he really wants to me answer then the honor roll of instructors must be listed next to the honor roll of students.

34) Why do teachers make such an effort (including time) to teach Cursive Handwriting? All of our text books, manuals, training material, etc... is in printed form. Just wondering?


35) Why do Teachers have to be Coaches too? Read -

36) Why do some teachers vary their methods for teaching (i.e., auditory, visual, kinesthic) but still test and grade by regurgitation?

1/14/06 37) I was asked the same basic question twice this past week by two different students who attend two different universities? Why do the administrators/Deans and office people treat students like dogs, especially at registration time? My answer - Because they Can. That is the mentality of many college/university customer service personnel. It's called 'Absolute Power" to the big dog!
38) Why don't students (especially college) force foreign speaking instructors to clarify their answers and responses to questions and comments in class? Because they are all scared (also see answer to question 37). And, so-called experts wonder why we are falling behind in producing good Math and Science Teachers.

39) Why do students learn best when there is interaction with their teacher and or other students? 40) Why aren't the Teachers Unions and School Administrative Groups not breaking down the doors of Michigan's Governor Granholm to prevent cutting school spending (again)? I know you all know the devastation this will create so why do you always wait until it is done and then bitch and moan?

41) Why can’t there be enough experienced trained teachers to be able to teach in a regular sized classroom, plus a room for those students who learn best in smaller group settings and for those who need one-to-one assistance (we do it for special ed, are there not regular ed that need this type of assistance)? Also see # 40.

42) How much does self-esteem come in to play in order for a student to learn?- Does that mean we all have to hit a jump shot to make the team of learning?

43) Is it not important to tailor fit approaches for both analytical (i.e., critical thinking, problem solving and innovation) and reflective (i.e., motivation, self- esteem) learning as well as basic reactive learning?

44) Are we sub-optimizing our student’s potential only using parts of our brain? Just think what knowledge our children could be learning if they could optimize their whole brain, and it would be fun, it would be “Joy of Learning (Deming)”.


45) State Test results came out this week, I have written enough on this subject and impact these results have on learning. I just wish someone would start teaching "Understanding Variation" so that educators can realize how silly they are for thinking that education is improving in their schools. Don't you really want to know?


46) Why is it so important to get through a schedule or lesson plan on time when more than half the class does not understand what is going on?

47) New figures on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) state that 1 in 150 children ( are born with some ASD difficulties. Now, when will the mainstreamed teachers and educators wake up to the fact these children are not going away and you best learn how to instruct and educate them in a fair and friendly manner?

48) Why do so many teachers and instructors use the same lesson plans year after year with little or no co-collaboration with their students?

49) Continuation of Q 48 ..; Why do so many teachers believe in "If it aint broke don't fix it" mentality?


50) Why do some Instructors change the grading rules after a report has been turned in and then can't admit they made a mistake (i.e., instructions vague, require more information after they don't like the answer they were originally looking for) and rectify the situation? Your credibility is sinking fast. 51) Instructor - I just want you to know there are NO wrong answers in my class. Then why do you mark down papers, reports and tests? Please do what you say or just shut-up? When an instructor tells you that it just means he has no idea what he is talking about and can't back up his knowledge, experience, data and information.

52) In my experiences the profession that exemplifies "Pride of Workmanship" best is the Teaching Profession. They vast majority get no recognition for excellence especially in the compensation area. There only monetary compensation comes with "Time in Service." The only path for advancement is to go into an Administration Role which are few and most teachers want to teach not manage. You want Pride of Workmanship? Look in your own schools for the teachers who have over 20 years experience that are still motivated in teaching young minds, there are many more than you think.


53) Why don't more College Instructors disregard the "Traditional" types of testing in favor of assigning Case Studies, Term Papers, Presentations and Journals (Application of course work) that are better methods for determining if students are understanding principals being taught in class. 3/30/07 54) Why do some teachers that are ready to retire go into “I Don’t Care Mode” until they actually make up their minds? I know of a teacher that enters the school building just as the bell rings in the morning and leaves with the students when the bell rings at the end of the day. The other day as I was driving down a side to street on my way to school a SUV came speeding up behind me and started to tailgate me, as I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this poor excuse for an educator I deliberately slowed down as we entered into the school parking lot. Once entering this teacher sped around me and parked in the fire lane and ran into school just before the bell rang. I was mad because as I parked in the second row where there were a number of empty spaces he could not hear me laughing at him as I exited my car. Do you have any idea the young minds you are ruining with your behavior? The sad part is you where a worthless teacher prior to getting ready to retire. I will enjoy antagonizing you until you leave your sorry son of a bitch. 55) A young student classmate of mine was very frustrated the other day because she continues to get points taken off her reports because of a misspelled word or typo. She showed me an eight-page report worth 20 points that had 3 points deducted because of a misspelled word, wrong punctuation and a typo. Now before you teachers criticize me for saying this is wrong please understand that I reviewed her teacher’s syllabus and some handouts and found numerous grammar errors and missing words. The morale is “ Don’t hold your students to a higher standard that you are capable of doing yourself.’ 4/10/07 56) Why do so many instructors talk to much? It seems like some can go on for days and not take a breath or notice most of the class is in a different state of mind or sleep. I really like the ones who ask for input then cut you off half way through your statement and then pontificate why you are wrong. Instructors please follow this rule: "The less you talk the more you will be listened to and understood."


There is nothing better to be in a class or walk by a room when a teacher is reading a book to her/his students. Why don't more teachers do this at the middle and high school levels? I witnessed a teacher reading last week to a class and she had the children mesmerized with her every word. The story came to life and later on when it was time for the library they checked out every copy that was available. Bring in guest speakers too and have them answer questions about their experiences. 5/9/07 58) Why Do Most of the Teachers I know have the patience of a Saint? The General Public has no idea how many ways a teacher must be in one given day. These people are dedicated and truly want the best for their students. I don't have any statistics but I'm willing to bet that teachers receive and answer more diverse questions than any other profession. A good teacher is worth their weight in gold and I have been fortunate to work and learn with many of them.


59) Why do so many new teachers refuse to take advice from experienced Teachers? And, Why do so many experienced teachers not want to listen to new Teachers? This scenario is not just in the education arena, it is prevalent in all types of businesses. In order to move forward there must be a positive balance of experienced and new ideas to keep a company or school in operation.

60) Who do many On-Line education courses fail to produce learning (Do not confuse grades with learning). The number one reason are the instructors. Yes, You! You own the class (like management owns the company systems). You are responsible and above all you must be professional and cater to your customers needs (Students). My comment is based on many many comments from students and in some case instructors themselves if it is a pre-requisite course. Example: Just recently one of friend's son signed up for an On-Line summer class with Michigan State University. Out of the 12 classes 3 or 4 would be taught a Central Location. The son drove 60 minutes to the class only to be let out 20 minutes later after the syllabus was discussed. Students were also told they would need a video as soon as possible for an assignment coming up in the same week. With all the construction and the price of gas having a class for only 20 minutes is ludicrous. The son felt worse for the two students who drove 3 hours away (one-way) from up-north. Oh yeah, he went home the same night an ordered the video from Amazon. The next day the instructor Emailed the class and said the video would be downloaded. Now the student (s) must return the video and pay postage. By the way I have taken On-Line courses too, the only benefit I got was convenience and an easy grade. Do you think Universities and Colleges will agree with me? Hardly, it's a money making process that has nothing to do with learning. 6/06/07 61) Why do teachers give the State/Federal Standardized Tests? I believe the vast majority of teachers understand their roles and are professional. On the other hand if your credibility (you/school) determines the outcome is that too much pressure ...? 62) Why do so many government officials consider Standardized Testing as a way of measuring someones knowledge? Standardized Tests have a place in education as a tool for measuring understanding and learning in a regurgitation kind of way but is that the same of acquiring Knowledge (Data + Information + Application = Knowledge)? Why is "Application" always the forgotten ingredient when determining knowledge? Is the Internet Knowledge? NO, it is information at best and is it reliable and adequate information?


63) I admire teachers who send letters/notes to past (thanking them) and upcoming students (welcoming them) during the summer. Far too few partake in this excellent practice. This happened once to me and I still remember and think highly of that teacher today.


64) Why do teachers get the summer off while others work year round? That question has been going on since the Industrial Revolution. I'm hear to tell you (from one who worked year round for 30+ years) that it is a must that they get a break to recharge their engines. Try being in a classroom with an average of 30 kids per class for six hours a day. Try staying at home with your kids and wife for 6 hours everyday for one week, throw some in-laws in and you just might experience what a teacher goes through everyday during the school year. This is the educational system we work in today and it will not change for the better until the "System" is fixed.
65) Why does everyone expect teachers to teach everyone in the class and that all will learn enough to pass? Dream On Folks, the Educational System today will not allow that to happen. Use your common sense to tell you why this won't happen. The best teachers can do is to reach as many students as they can so at least the majority of children will progress. Teachers need help and if you are a parent the best way to secure a good education for your child is to get involved (Actively) and stay involved.

66) During my summer session working at the Learning Center a teacher who will have her first classroom starting in September asked me if I had any advice? Just a little I responded.

"Be Humble & Be Confident"


67) Why Don't Educational Administrators (K-16) understand how important the "Employment" Process" is the the overall health of their educational system? See Post on Hiring Process at


68) Why Do Gym Teachers continue to select captains for their teams? This degrading process (as told to me about a friend's son last school season) has been going on since I was in grade school. Fortunately I was very athletic and was named captain or picked by one of my friends early on in the process. However, I could see in the faces of those not picked until the end the humiliation they suffered and were then branded as one not to pick and this went on for many years. I asked a gym teacher once would it not be best for him to line the kids up and pick numbers so the teams would be somewhat random? I was told that is not the real world. You know I hear that often especially when it pertains to Special Education Children. Well you know what? Kiss my Ass. The real world, what the hell is that, rules according to you? You who spends his/her whole life in the same community where you grew except for college.

Do you have any idea how foolish you sound trying to live your youth through the athletes in your class, disregarding the non-athletic kids as less than desirable which then translates to the other kids in your class to label them year after year.

I’ve seen kids go all the way through school hating gym as a consequence of what not informed gym teacher on the art of human behavior. Gym should benefit everybody just as math should too. Sometime the “Real World” sucks and many people have no idea what build character and realizing that cooperation is a pre-requisite to competition. And people wonder why we have “The Demise of American Management in our schools too.

Updated 9/19/07

69) Why is it Special Education Teachers, Psychologists, Social Workers, etc... are so tough on some students and what they can accomplish and yet so understanding and accommodating to other special education with similar disabilities students (i.e, AI and EI).

PARENTS!!! who know their rights scares the hell out of those who think your ignorant.

Updated 9/21/07

70) Why do some teachers get R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

It’s a beautiful experience watching a gifted teacher use a multitude of talents to reach all the students in her classroom. No one goes unnoticed and everyone receives the respect and self worth he or she deserves. Most importantly is the respect and consideration the students give back to the teacher.

Updated 9/23/07

71) Why don't some teachers understand the immediate impact they have on their students? Do you realize you have instant data and long term trend data before you each day. Unlike many workers you have your Product (student) right in front of you each day. In addition, you can see your product from start to finish. Not many people can say that today's in this Global Economy.

Updated 10/06/07

72) Why do some teachers and administrators remain humble while others rude and arrogant and when should you tell them so? One should remain humble until those they are dealing with cross the line of rudeness, ignorance and lack of knowledge in the subject matter they claim to have mastered.

Humility provides an aura of self-confidence that gives others the opportunity to express themselves without fear or "humiliation" from those who claim to have all the answers and make decisions based on hierarchy and position because they can.

One cannot and should not consider himself a servant-teacher without this quality. If one sees humility as something less than adequate, it is the same person who bullies and drives fear into their environment because of title and position. How sad.

Being a humble teacher allows others to take control of their lives. Leaders who cannot be humble are those that wish to control everything and everybody within their reach.

Updated 10/11/07

73) Why do some Administrators and School Boards believe 9th graders belong in high school? This question has been an on going debate. Are they to young and immature? I used to go back and forth myself on this question.

Now that I walk the halls of different high schools I believe 9th graders do not belong in high school, especially when it comes to special education students who are mainstreamed. While in high school it takes many 9th graders a complete semester before they realize they are not going to get pushed to complete their work like in middle school. Those with good parental support and teachers have a chance to rebound but those students that have pissed off the teachers and have little or no parental support usually drop out before graduation. I also get concerned about the 9th grade girls (14-15 years old) who get hit on by Junior and Senior boys (17 - 18 years old). This causes strife both at school and at home.

Updated 10/21/07
74) Why do some educators and administrators believe that every child that will not do class work or homework is lazy or just doesn’t care? Perhaps before making the final decision you should ask yourself “How many of my Students are lazy?” If more than 15% (i.e., 30 students at 15% = 4.5 students x 4 classes a day that is 18 students - Ouch) maybe you should check your method and style to determine it was not made in a lazy moment or method. Oh yeah, if there are special education kids in your room they must be counted too.

75) I’m completely baffled by some teachers/instructors that in order to fill up class time they resort to work pages that come with the text book (worse if it is an old version) is this only method for teaching? Have you read some of these worksheets (4-6 pages)? They are designed to be time fillers. C’mon, every term that is bolded in the chapter, plus other stuff and then you ask for definitions, dates, and gobbledygook. I feel bad for students who get these teachers. There is nothing better than to have a creative and innovative science teacher or history teacher that brings the class and chapters to life with real life examples and hands on learning along with some informative worksheets. That is teaching because it brings “Joy of Learning.” "Joy of Learning" is a quote from Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

76) Why do so many Administrators (Both College and K-12) think they are smarter than anyone else? First off let me start by saying “Hierarchy does not equal Intelligence.” - qg Why you think you have Absolute Power is a joke to me and other people you are trying to impress. Some teachers do this too when they talk to parents. How many times have you said they talk to me as if I am a Kindergartner? 77) Why do so many teachers still teach Cursive Writing? I have done a small simply asking why do you think we use Cursive Writing? The top answer was speed, followed closely by authorization. How long will it take for people to understand that speed does not equal quality? Perhaps that is why all our textbooks, tests, newspapers, magazines, food and medicine labels, reading books, project reports, etc… How about the computer, most people type in a printed font. Authorization signature is outdated, if not why do many documents say sign and print your name. ? Is it because no one can read your writing and those people who do personality tests from writing will be out of a job? The time has come people to stop teaching this ancient script and use our time more productively in other courses that really matter.

Updated 11/16/07

78) Why Do So Many Teachers Stay in Their Room? Ask the Administration.

Updated 12/05/07

79) Team Teaching, What if your partner(s) are not doing their share of the work? Or if they are not educated enough to keep up with your lesson plans? Most supervisors will tell you to work it out and become a team.

What a bunch of BS, your job as a supervisor or administrator is to take care of these type of situations. Quit delegating and do the job you are paid to do. Teachers should not have to deal with people who can't do the job. The problem is in the policy and systems and guess what? _ Management owns the stinking system.

Updated 12/09/07

80) If our educators are so smart then why don’t we go to school all year long? I was once asked a few years back if I could do one thing to improve our educational system in the United States (specifically in Michigan) what would it be? I would require the school year to be all year long with additional weeks off around Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) that are traditionally in the summer months. Summer classes would be used for outdoor learning when possible in the sciences and vocational studies. Use the summer months for some real hands on learning to support the theories taught during the traditional school year. This would increase the amount in time in school by approximately two months for a total school year of 10 months. Education needs to be a life long learning that should take many forms and varieties. Having three months off in succession is a serious disruption in the learning for any type of process known to man. All you nay sayers leave all your counter arguments and tap dancing tickets at the door, you folks who still want eight months of school have had the floor long enough with your band-aide solutions. Move away or be prepared to get pushed of the dancing floor.

Updated 1/24/08

81) There used to be a time when teachers would wait by their doors or in the hallways to welcome students to their room. I rarely see this happening today, they barricade themselves in their room from first hour to sixth.

It is not that they don't want to get involved and correct the behavior of students going from class to class it's because when they do get involved it either goes nowhere when they send a student to the office or the bureaucracy of the processes are to tedious to do when you have a class to teach.

Updated 1/27/08

82) I won't elaborate on the situation here but I find it very amusing when administrators or those in command give teachers explanations as to why they are doing something. This was a common event in my past job as a Director/Manager. It is more prevalent in the educational world where more cowardly administrators exist. I really get a kick out of how stupid they think teachers are and that when you leave the meeting they are so gullible as to think you bought there sale of goods.

Updated 2/4/07

83) Teachers, want to learn so great methods for controlling a class, having fun and students learning all at the same time? Then go visit your best Physical Education Teacher and/or Shop Teacher (Metal, Machine, Auto, Wood). I know for many of you to venture into the depths and caves of the vocational halls is sacrilegious but you may come away enlightened , amused and wondering why didn't I think of the concepts.

Perhaps you have, but pride tells you those people are not really teachers and most of those type of students don't belong in my classroom. In your mind you are right. However, I'm here to tell you these teachers are true educators and the students are gaining knowledge by applying their learning's daily that provide them useful employment skills for tomorrow.

Updated 10/3/08

84) Why do so many teachers at the high school level refuse to let their students get excused from their class to be allowed to go to a special or see a counselor, they even get disturbed if a fire or safety drill take place. Every class and every minute of each class is important to a well rounded education but no teacher can tell me that every class and every minute will deny a student a passing grade. While the teacher may have a good reason they must not lose the fact the overall aim for a good education is to prepare the student for the following: 1. Fostering academic (thinking) development 2. Preparing students to be informed, caring, and productive citizens of society 3. Preparing students for higher education 4. Preparing students for the world of work

Build some flexibility into your teaching plans and remember you are a piece of the whole and not the whole itself.

Updated 10/16/08

85) Is Teaching a Profession or a Privilege? Hopefully it is both, but some believe/act as if it is only a profession.

Updated 2/1/09

86) When will some Administrators realize that just because a teacher knows and can teach a subject it means nothing if the teacher can't teach a student? In other words, it is not what we teach, but how we teach the subject material to the student.

Teachers/Professors who take “Pride” in having a high failure rate for tests and grades should remember that Pride is one of the 7 Deadly Sins. Plus you are an asshole! I say when it relates to education “Pride is the extreme belief in one's own abilities that obstructs with the individuals recognition of others and the way they learn.”

Updated 2/20/10 87) Wow - a whole year since I updated this post! Anyway, when a change of guard takes place whether it is in business or education and the new person in charge comes from within it often makes for a very interesting situation, especially if the change comes from above.

People will take sides and become disgruntled and lash out in many directions most often at the wrong target(s). So how does one handle the situation as the new person in charge?

I would recommend (depending on circumstance) cooperation before confrontation. Allow people to get their frustrations or happiness out and then make sure the environment settles back in to educating students or leading employees (i.e., administration). However, there will be small groups of discontents who claim to speak for the majority keeping the coals burning with comments and protests that eventually mean nothing if handled properly.

There will come a time (hopefully sooner than later) when those now in charge will need to confront certain individuals (not the group) and provide an olive branch of understanding but also a hammer drop if change is not accepted. After all as Dr. Deming said "No one has to Change, Survival is Optional."

Survival in this scenario means the existence of one's job is at stake (perception/reality) is a powerful change agent. Not the preferred way but necessary in certain situations for the good of the whole some pieces must be eliminated.

Updated 4/18/11

88) Bonus points and award points given on a test that has nothing to do with the subject matter is WRONG! It's a cover-up for someone who may know their subject matter but can not teach it to others. I've seen students pass because they know what was on TV the night before or can name the characters in some movie. This is shameful and must stop.

For more on this subject click the link:

Updated 7/7/11

89) Ask your self how many times you met with a counselor in high school to discuss getting prepared for college and the workplace upon graduation. I ask that question of both students and counselors and I get answers like "I'm to busy doing testing to meet with kids let alone their parents"  - "I met with a counselor once in 9th grade and they give talks at some orientations" -  "Are you kidding me I have never met with a counselor" -  I don't need to meet face to face with students because we have a career development class that uses Career Cruizer Software"  - "What is the use I don't what I want to do or where to go to school" "What is the use the students don't know what they want to do and where they want to go, besides that is a family obligation"
Click here -

qg says... if counselors are so busy during the school year why don't they schedule meetings with parents and students during the summer break. After all, they are Adminstrators are they not?


Anonymous said...

You are so right when you said the "Special" classes get abused by General Ed Teachers. I'm a Drama teacher and my students are always held up by their homeroom teacher when work is not completed in their class.

This is a big problem and it does not help that when budget cuts are made Drama, Art, Music are the first to go even before sports.

Big Al

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As a Teacher I don't always agree with what you say, but you do cause me to think about what you are asking.


Anonymous said...

Finally someone gives credit for sending out notes to new students in the Summer. It works wonders for the younger grades I have taught (K - 4).

After reading your blog you sound like a real character!

Rita from Utah

Anonymous said...

You have really made me think about using writing and math as punishments for not doing assignments or following rules.



Anonymous said...

I agree with Big Al. However, I am a gym teacher.

I have found that teachers in my building who do this have Fat Kids.

Can you say OBESE


Anonymous said...

Why don't you provide solutions to your questions if you are such a good teacher.

What would you rather I do when a young student misbehaves than write out sentences?


qualityg says said...


I apologize if my writing suggests I am a better teacher than most. Hardly, that is WHY I ask so many questions.

I have no solution to this problem only that it will require different tactics for each child.

I would do NOTHING other than sit the student in the Hall or other montored room and have him/her sit there.

This NOTHING is a continuation of the NOTHING they are doing in the classroom. Doing NOTHING (may take little or less time)is very boring and soon the student will realize doing something is better than doing NOTHING.

The only thing the student dislikes is NOTHING rather than creating a dislike for Writing and Math.

Let me ask you this question to determine if the method you are using is effective?

Are the same students Writing and doing Math day after day or week after week? If yes, then the tactic does not work and two each child develops and learns at a different pace.

Don't forget the parents, many don't check or ask the child what is needed for the next school day.

Solely blaming the student is rediculous at an early age, life is moving to fast for one person to remember everything.

Thanks for your question - I think!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing up the question about not being picked in gym (# 68). I was one of those kids not picked and it still bothers me today.

Anonymous said...

Team Teaching does not work where I work. The reason is each of us has our own method and we can't seem to compromise.

Failing Grade in Michigan

Just like a Phoenix..... said...

Awesome amalgamation of facts and wits!