Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 Most Popular Posts

Now that 2011 is past I would like to thank the 47,000 plus visitors to my Blog this past year (up 15,000+ from last year). I hope the information I have provided has been useful and thought provoking.

As I look over the stats the following are the most searched on topics within my site for 2011:

1) For the first time in four years a new number 1! - Cursive Writing should be taught in Art Class - It is amazing the number of hits and some of the comments I get on this subject. - Check it out at:

2) Employee Goals and Objectives -

3) Education - Never a dull subject and the topic of Mentoring is gaining popularity -

4) Quality Tools and Techniques (Especially Pareto Analysis) -
5) Leadership -

6) Employee Appraisals -

One should click on my Label for Dr. Deming to learn from the Master about Employee Goals and Objectives.

How sad that open communication and trust can not be tolerated in the workplace. People with numbers who have no sense of "Predictability" (Number One Skill of a Manager) and continue to Tamper with both human and corporate systems.

Below are some Links to some of my more popular posts:

Thank You and Best Wishes for a New Year!



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