Friday, April 06, 2012

Did ACT Dummy-Down The Test ?

I work with students from many different schools and the ACT Test Scores for the past two years seem to have risen per student by 2-3 points.

I am hoping students are preparing better and are now realizing the benefits of a good ACT and GPA when it comes to College Merit Awards.

If they have dummied-down the test; is the SAT far behind?

Will Colleges remove their merit awards or in defense of their funds just raise their standards thus making a separation between scoring categories to those who are 27 and above are winners and those below 27 are losers. Thus we continue to create competition in education instead of cooperation.

Perhaps that is in line with the class structure today when it comes to income levels - the middle class is slipping away. In fact, the middle has already slipped away in politics, race, religion ...

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