Tuesday, April 17, 2012

United States Quality Movement has been trending downward ever since Dr. Deming died.

There is no voice in the United States today that carries the message of the Demise of the American Management System - especially has to how it relates to education.

Many whispers in many different camps but all in different directions for their own purposes.

While I attended a conference earlier this year a couple of speakers who presented told me at lunch they felt a letdown by attending the Deming Conference. They were expecting a much wider audience and were hoping to find someone who was carrying Dr. Deming's torch and fighting the good fight challenging conventional wisdom with a strong aim towards the improvement of the American economy.

I told them there needs to be a new leader that takes all the whispers of Dr. Deming teachings along with new teachings to create a strong wind blowing in the same direction for lasting change to take place.

Many workers are stuck on a  raft drifting, splashing, crashing and fighting the rapids on what I call the "River of NO Return."

They are at the mercy of the river with no paddles, rudder or leader that knows where they are headed. Ultimately - they will crash over the waterfall. Our education system is on the River of No Return and will crash as ranking, rating and setting up incentive pay for teachers continues to gain momentum.  It is almost impossible to to make overall effective system changes from being inside the company (on the raft). You need someone from the outside (Bank of the river) that can see the system offering solutions that you can not see because you are too deep within the organization. The person on the Bank of the river (outside) can see  downriver where you can not and offer direction and knowledge. It is still the people on the raft or inside the organization that must make the changes and that can only happen if they are enabled wit the proper tolls and knowledge to continually improve.

Oh well, I guess it would be OK if you were on the raft with Marilyn!!


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Amen Brother!

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