Sunday, August 05, 2012

Olympic Boxing is a DISGRACE!

I have been involved  with the sport of boxing since 1960. I have watched Olympic Boxing every time except in 1972 when I was in the Army.

I have seen some bad and some very bad  (Seoul) judging but NEVER have I seen the on-going disgrace of what is happening in London during this past week. The Olympics should use the 10 point scoring system. Why are Olympic fighters still amateurs? We send the best basketball players why not send professionals boxers. Tennis are pros and just about all other sports are too. Go to five rounds and let the action begin! Make sure pro referees are there too!!

The Sport I love is being ruined at the hands of judges and referees who have no idea how to score a fight.
The Marquess of Queensberry ought to rise out of his grave and kick their asses back to wherever they come from and let the fighters fight and at least give them a chance.

Somebody better dig up the rules quick because I will no longer watch this debacle any longer. 

Smoking Chucka Lives

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