Sunday, August 19, 2012

We are losing the skill to interact with each other

There is a very serious disease spreading across the United States and it is the loss of open communication between people. No longer do people ask each other how things are going in a face to face situation. People no longer talk in the grocery line and know the cashier because now most go through the self-checkout.

Do you miss talking to people? Swiping cards through machines, talking to computers and phones rather than faces and shopping online has removed the personal touches of communication.

I have not gone in the gas station store in months because I just sweep the card at the pump. 90% of my communications using my cell phone are text messages.

I first saw this phenomenon start in the 1980s when Email became the favorite mode of communicating information. It amazed me how many people would not leave their offices or cubes and walk 20 feet to talk to their co-workers. It was safer and easier to push a button. Many hid (still going on today) under the disguise that it was more productive and faster to use Email than to talk on the phone or get up and go talk to a person.

I'm thinking this all is evolutionary. Pictures of Aliens for years that we assume are beings of greater intelligence use Telepathy.

I once read in the future we will no longer have a little (pinky) toe because there has been no use for it for a thousand years. I think the vocal cords will be next.

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