Monday, June 27, 2005

Freefall into "Freakonomics" Thanks for the T-Shirt(s)!

Special qualityg says thanks to Lynn Grady and Michael Barrs (I promised Michael I would take a picture & post) for the Freaky Tees. They were kind enough to send qualityg TWO shirts, one that fits just over my head and the other that fits to my butt. I guess they thought I was a Twin!

qualityg will wear one of them proudly!

Lynn & Michael work at HarperCollinsPublishers and are associated with:

Stephen and Steven


No Conformist Knowledge Here, This Book is the “Real Thing”

qualityg reads a number of books at the same time, depends what chair I’m sitting in because I usually have a different book (i.e., His Excellency, Left Behind Series, Alexander Hamilton, Text Books and Freakonomics) by each of my favorite chairs (exception – Deming books which I carry in my brief bag).

The one that has exploded some new thoughts is “Freakonomics” by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. It’s one of those books that I read in two sittings. Having always been intrigued with economist and their ability to predict the stock market and economy like an average weatherman, this book and authors comes from a completely new angle and wit that captures your interest and clears your senses of all the muddle that is usually found in books about Economics. You know qualityg loves a creative rogue.

Don’t get me wrong about Economist, my son is studying to be one now and is making great strides in school and work because he has a passion for studying data and making sense of what it all that stuff means. I also bought a copy for him and he loves the book too! Imagine father and son liking the same kind of book.

On page 120 the authors give a number of explanations as to why crime has dropped. The reader is asked to pick the ones (I chose three) that have merit; only three are truly factors (qg got one). You will have to buy the book to understand the reasoning.

Important Note: I hope that every city official in the United States reads Chapter 4 “Where Have All the Criminals Gone?” Please do NOT cut any more police from your budget!

For more information about Freakonomics please visit the following site:

More books by Stephen Dubner @
Also see qualityg's recommendation to read "Confessions of A Hero-Workshiper" posted on Sunday June 5th.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, I just finished reading the book and found it interesting and entertaining.


Gina said...


I've seen these guys on the "Today Show," they hold their own against Matt the Brat!

Thanks for posting info about the Freakonomics Blog Site.


qualityg says said...


ML provides good exposure and publicity, but I would rather see them on Good Morning America.