Sunday, August 07, 2005

State Colleges Your Dogma is Do Do!

I've come to realize over the years that the State College System is very much like the State Government System. For example, there is no Accountability and there are no Short and Long Term Plans that display anything that looks like a strategy. I guess I should not be to hard on them because they aren't really "systems." They are individual little bureaucracies that feel there section is more important than another and thus should receive more money and prestige at the expense of the whole.

There are all sorts of Deans, Directors, Officials and Outside Interest Groups who all want there say (i.e., no accountability) and they all want their way. The problem is this is an independent type system and what they need is an "interdependent" type of system. Please convince me your system is stable (numbers please), before you declare it capable of meeting your students needs. One more thing, why do administrators and Officials often make twice as much as teachers and citizen facing employees?

This requires one overall detailed short and long term plans with numerical goals that must involve all groups with roles and responsibilities all reporting to the same purpose, by the way, what is your purpose school & government? All subsequent plans MUST align with the overall purpose. If you had some numerical goals that have meaning you would know where to cut because they would have indicated the process/system is failing. No chicken shit cost cutting statements that place the blame on teachers and workers, no easy out by cutting the most important assets. Management and Administrators own the system, if someone has to go it should be them and only them.

Somewhere I hope your purpose will have something that states you serve the people and students. Why then are the voices of these systems those special people and outside interest groups, and not the people and students they serve. We are supposed to vote in Politicians and Board of Directors that represent the people and students. I'm sorry folks, they do not, they are run by the system that put them there and they have their own purposes at our expense.

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