Thursday, August 11, 2005

Government --> Something Is Going Wrong Around Here!

For the past few years I have read a number of articles on Wal-Mart, visited a number of their stores and asked a number of friends as to why they shop there over Target, Meijer, etc?

They are now building a Wal-Mart in my city and it has divided the residents into two camps, one for and one against. It’s interesting to see the comments by our local mayor politicalizing why Wal-Mart should be in our city and how she “made” them build it the way “she” wanted using union labor. I thought she represented the “we.”

Those who do not want Wal-Mart mostly fall into a Union Camp or we hate China rage camp. Those who want Wal-Mart fall into the we want a job camp, and we want cheaper prices and we don’t care who makes them and the Union can kiss my butt camp.

qualityg belongs to the camp that just wants the land and trees and open space back. There are so many big stores opening up (Where Wal-Mart is building there is within walking distance a Meijer, Target, Kmart, Sears, a bunch of chain restaraunts and a Costco that is also being built. Please keep in mind that the same two-lane highway is supposed to handle all this traffic (studies are underway, who needs a stinking study). I guess they are all following the McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby, and Taco Bell marketing structure.

I failed to mention that four new credit unions have opened up in the last year that is within a half-mile of one another. I can’t count the number of sub-divisions and new condos being built. The population of my city is around 14,000 residents. The building is also going on in every city around mine. All this is supposed to help the tax base, but my local property taxes keeps going up each year.

Now they are investigating putting a new international suspension bridge (the Ambassador Suspension Bridge is about 10 miles up river) in my area that will destroy property values, tear down homes (mine is in one of the projected sites) and use up what little land is left. The bridge is being demanded by the Federal & State Governments for security reasons to control entry back and forth from Canada. Folks it’s not a great distance (I can see it from the US side of the border) from where I live and Canada, hundreds of boats are fishing in the Detroit River and Lake Erie daily. A good swimmer could make it across easily in certain spots. Even I made it across in the International Marathon run that is held every year between Detroit and Windsor. What I’m trying to say is you got to be pretty stupid to use the bridge or the tunnel.

I have figured out that the reason there are so many credit unions is because there are so many people borrowing money to build and pay for the new house or condo. Michigan ranks with Mississippi for the lead in unemployment in the nation. "Something Is Going Wrong Around Here" and I need to either move or stay and make sure the bridge does NOT get built.



Anonymous said...

Hey qualityg, I thought you were remaining Anonymous!


qualityg says said...

I was thinking about being a greeter!

Love the uniform.