Thursday, August 04, 2005

MI - Board of Education/Department of Education Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

Michigan State Board of Education/Department of Education
Strategic Plan 2005-2010

qualityg says... detailed short-term and long-term plans with many suggestions and ideas for improvements. However,

When "Designing" a Strategic Plan like this I would suggest they add Time, Resources and Cost Goals to each strategy and then prioritize what they can and can not do within the next five years.

Next, I will be watching to see if the overall strategy is cascaded down to the individual departments who are responsible for implementation. I look forward to their implementation plans and who, what, where, when and HOW these items will be accomplished.

Oh yes, How will you/we know when you (DOE) have accomplished the Strategies? Will there be reports sent to the Districts or posted on the State site? Are there any Benchmarks? Do you have any numerical Goals?

Will there be Milestones, Trend Measures and Baseline Data to track efforts (before, after and on-going) to make sure the system is improving?
Remember - "What gets planned and measured gets done."

The Plan can be found @ Michigan Education Strategic Plan - Please review for you children.

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