Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Competetion & Grades do nothing but Label Children

Competition & Grades do nothing but Label Kids at to early of an age

I have said it before one must have Cooperation (Fundamentals) before one can Compete effectively.

In sports many say you must have competitions to know who are the best players. I say I have coached many sports and the best will still rise to the top without labeling others failures. I wonder how many potential players give up sports and education at an early age because they may not be physically or mentally developed to compete with peers at an early age.

Without demeaning the kids there would be better players all the way around on the team and there would be little difference between 1st and second stringers instead of the wide gap that exists today (i.e., can only go a few players deep on the bench).

In too many instances children are labeled at an early age and it sticks with them all through their school years.

I was at a Basketball Skills Camp last week for 5th and 6th grade children. While they had individual winners every child was made to feel special by being recognized by the coaches at the end of each day as each stood to receive praise. All smiled and no one went home a loser. All of them won and that is what cooperation does for competetion.

This holds true in the working world and the academic halls of our schools and universities, we continue to damage the whole for the precious few and that is wrong. In battle you must protect all your flanks and not just the middle, if you don’t all will lose and that is what is happening today.

Let me ask you this “Do have three classes of people today or just an upper and lower class?” The piece continues to damage the whole…


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