Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quality Girl's Softball at its Finest!

Quality School + Quality Parents + Quality Coaches + Quality Student Athletes
= Quality Wins

For most of the season from afar and for the last three weeks up close I was privileged to watch the school where I help out with girls basketball win the state softball title for the second year in a row with another undefeated season and setting a new National record by giving up only one run this season.

It is so much better when a team like this has done everything fair and follows all the rules (Quality AD makes sure). Yes, there are star/all state players and national players of the year but this team is good at every position and the utility players would start on any other team in the state.

The title was won in Class D (smallest division) but this team has played at all levels and beat everyone in their path. Many of the players also play basketball ( http://qualityg.blogspot.com/2007/07/why-i-like-girls-basketball-season-two.html and are as equally talented in both sports.

Teams like this come every so often when the system (see title) concentrates on the whole team and not the individual pieces that make up the whole. All of the girls remain humble and work exceptionally hard all year long to master their positions. They can thank their coaches for providing this leadership and dedication. Click pic to Enlarge picture.

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