Tuesday, June 26, 2007

U.S. Supreme Court Did Not Challenge Conventional Wisdom (Michigan High School Sports)

U.S. Supreme Court did not Challenge Conventional Wisdom When it Came to Changing Michigan High School Sports Schedules.

I once wrote:
"Challenge Conventional Wisdom with Profound Knowledge (http://www.deming.org/theman/teachings.html) to seek Creativity and Innovation."

This may be old news to some but I still can’t believe the Michigan Supreme Court (http://www.wzzm13.com/sports/sports_blog_article.aspx?storyid=73376) refused to hear the “complete” ramifications of changing Girls High School Sports Seasons.

The biggest flaw will be girls basketball will now compete with the boys in winter as opposed to fall.

Conventional Wisdom is not always best and to not challenge its premises is to be lazy and ignorant. It takes guts to challenge authority, especially “Blind Respect” when it comes to seeking fairness and truth. Just because the lower courts and some influential people view the rules as sexual discrimination does not make it so and to not analyze the situation which affect thousands is strictly wrong.

To not challenge CW is dangerous!

It is also quite clear the court does not understand “Systems Thinking” (http://qualityg.blogspot.com/2006/02/quality-tooltechnique-systems-thinking.html) as it applies to favoring a piece (girls volleyball) at the expense of the whole (not enough sports facilities, coaches, costs, officials, exposure, practice times, weather, etc…)

Shame, Shame, Shame! – Oh by the way Collegiate Women Basketball Scheduling will change soon to Fall because competing against the men for air time and support is ridiculous except for a few like Tennessee, Duke and Connecticut.

So why did this happen?

Nine years ago a mother of a girl volleyball player brought a suit to change sports seasons to make it more fair for girls so they will have more chance to be recruited (see post listed above on Michigan Supreme Court).

The mother was slighted because the University of Michigan failed to send a recruiter to scout her games (Boo Hoo). She claimed it was because the girls in Michigan play volleyball in the winter instead of the fall like the rest of the nation (aprox. 47 states).

What most people and evidently the Michigan Supreme Court Justices do not know is she in fact did get recruited (I believe Georgia Tech) and played on a Nationally ranked team for 3 years and now plays PROFESSIONALLY in Europe making good money.

Not bad and now the rest of the athletes in Michigan must suffer for one irate mother and judges who failed to see the whole picture, instead they concentrated one one frame.

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