Friday, April 11, 2008

Boycott Beijing Olympics? Nope, Boycott Big Business First!

I’m getting tired of the hypocrisy that continues on and on and on from protesters and countries over the human rights issues in China. It's too easy people, do something that really matters.

It's always the middle guy that gets screwed, this time it's the athletes 9again). Most of you politicians who want the boycott (Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi to name a few) just want to "feature" yourselves in today's news. Shameful

Look, I’m not against boycotting/protesting the Olympic Opening Ceremony but it should not be done until Big Businesses from all the countries remove their factories and stored from China. Raise China's unemployment, move jobs back home where they belong. You want to play in the China game you will lose in time because as soon as the Chinese government determines they have enough technology and can do it lower than you within their country you will be gone baby! C'mon protesters use your wallet instead of your mouths.

What about my Quality of Life and those of others who lose jobs to China by the thousands? If we are serious then the governments of the countries who want to boycott should halt the money going to China.

You want to make a lasting point, then hit the pocketbook, after all isn’t it always about money or oil?
Gosh I remember the big impact the boycotts had on the Moscow (USA) Games and the Los Angeles Games (USSR) - NOT!!!

Exxon Joins China Project With 2 Others

Caterpillar Opens New Plant In China

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