Monday, April 07, 2008

Leadership by Probing Around

I received a call from a friend recently asking me if I knew of any questions he could ask as he walked around a new department he was just assigned.

The following set of questions was designed to assist leaders in asking process analysis questions while they visit an office or department. These questions are also intended to provide a new leader some basic information about what his people do each day on their jobs.

• What did you do today to delight the customer?

• What did you do today better than yesterday?

• Who are your internal customers?

• How do you know your output (i.e. service order) is good? By what method?

• What do you need to do your job correct 100%?

• What does your internal/external customer need to do their job 100%?

• What feedback do you receive?

• What keeps you from doing error free work?

• What can be done to make your job easier?

• How do you let your internal suppliers (i.e. Engineering, Sales, Operations, IT, etc) know how well they are performing?

By What Method?

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